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Stop Competing

I know I was taught that competition is one of the pillars to a free market economy. In the years that I have spent working for small businesses though, I often heard bad thing about competition. If somebody lost a bid they were “undercut”, if a bigger Company got all the jobs they were “trampling over the little guys”. It was never fair. This was in an environment of conservative people that loved capitalism! Many small businesses panic if a Walmart or Target comes into town. So, what is my advice to owners of small businesses dealing with the fear of competition?

How to Build My Brand

These days the concept of branding is all around us! Whether it is personal branding or creating the ideal image for our business, it is important to make sure we get it right! It is important to choose a brand that is in alignment with both your self and your ideal client. First, you must think about how you are comfortable presenting yourself or your business. Second, you must identify your client and try to understand what will speak to them. Third, you will want to implement the combination of the previous steps into your business strategy. Finally, you should make sure that you are consistently enforcing this brand over time and across all platforms that you use.

Passion and Purpose

Do you have a passion for your business? Why do you do it? Why did you start it? So often as business owners we get caught up in the everyday routine that we forget what inspired us to start in the first place. Was it a passion for a certain craft or desire for flexible scheduling? Maybe it was so that you could provide for your family. Whatever the reason I want to pause and think about why you chose the business you did.

Be a Better Sales Person

Very few things make us more uncomfortable being approach by a salesman. Whether it’s a used car salesman or a telemarketer. But what about you? Are you driving away potential customers with your sales approach? What if instead of scaring away clients you were able to give them a sales experience that was enjoyable for them and profitable for you? Below I have listed a few ideas to improve your sales by changing the way you treat your customers.