Timothy Stange

The Importance of a Plan

I believe that most of us in business think that we have a plan but it is probably a lot closer to a dream, or at best a goal. I would like to share with you my thoughts about what a plan is and how it can help you.


What is a plan?

A worthwhile plan for your business will include three things: what, when, and how much.   

What: It is very important to when setting a goal to define what exactly you are planning to improve. Rather than saying that you are looking for growth define what you are hoping to grow. “Increased sales”, “more customers”, or “make more calls”. Don’t be afraid to get very specific here as this will help you in the next steps. 

When: Without a clear timeline attached to your goal it is very susceptible to procrastination. Most things that we plan to do “sometime” never happen, but the pressure of even a self imposed deadline helps ensure that it gets done. While it is important to have 5 and 10 year goals we should remember the importance of daily and weekly goals. Often big accomplishments are just the sum of many small goals.

How Much: we all want more customers, higher profits, and faster results. But I believe that “more” is to ambiguous for successful business planning. Especially with financial goals it is important to be realistically ambitious and specific.  I recommend that people be very specific when planning quantifying their goals it makes it much easier to track progress and keep up the motivation.


Summery When you start setting specific goals it can be overwhelming and might even feel awkward or tedious. Start small and stick to them. setting smaller short term goals and then accomplishing them can do a lot to boost your confidence and get the momentum rolling. As you continue set bigger and longer term goals you will start to notice that you are doing bigger things than you thought possible all because you made a detailed quantified plan with a realistic timeline

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