Timothy Stange

Be Stubborn

Often as a business owner, it is easy to get distracted by new opportunities that can distract us from our original purpose. It is just as common to become discouraged when things slow down, or we face opposition. In a world that is so full of both opportunity and criticism, it can be challenging to keep focused on your purpose and goals. This is something that I find myself facing a daily basis. I have seen a few thing things that can help you stay focused on your original plans and goals.

  • Tune out the outside world (for a little bit of time) – While you certainly need to be engaged in the world and remain an active member of society, it is important to have times of uninterpreted focus.
  • Write down your purpose – I have mentioned the importance many times of writing down your goals, but it is also essential to have a clear, concise well-written mission statement. Anything that does not fit your mission weed out
  • Just do it – Nike’s slogan is also excellent business advice. If you don’t feel right, inspired, or motivated just get to work. Many times it takes getting started with a project to get into it put your nose to the grindstone and work!
  • Remember it takes time – Very few Business plans come to fruition overnight. Work every day to build a great company, and over time you will have a business that is solid and true to your purpose.
  • Ignore the negative – People will criticize your ideas, belittle your efforts, and come up with countless reasons for you to fail. They did that to the Wright Brothers, Christoper Columbus, and Barack Obama!

If you would like more information on sticking to your goals and how it has paid off for many in the business world, then I recommend you read Good To Great – by Jim Collins. It is an excellent book that talks in depth about stubbornly sticking to your mission. Check it out!

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