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Networking for beginners (1 0f 3)

Why build a network Part1 of 3

As a small business owner trying to stand out and be competitive can be tough. One of the best ways to grow your business is by building your network. Now while this may seem obvious, I want to encourage you to expand your ideas of networking beyond just lunch meetings where business cards fly like candy from a pinata! You can have a life of genuine relationships where you find yourself helping others just as much as you receive help from them! Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not!

  • When you start thinking about building a network you might claim that you are not that social. Or maybe you are just an introvert and big events creep you out. Before you go and lock yourself in your basement here are a few reasons why you should be expanding your network.
    • Networking is a great way to come into contact with new clients. This is probably the reason that most people get into networking. But for those of you that are a still a little hesitant, the prospect of more clients or customers might give you that extra push
    • A common problem you may run into when you first get started trying to build a network is that you meet a lot of people, but nobody seems interested in your business. After handing out business cards to people that you just know will never buy you give up. It is important to realize though that as you build these relationships with theses “non-customers,” they are almost sure to know somebody that could use your services. So now when they come into contact with your ideal customer, you and your business will be in the front of their mind. That person you thought you wasted your time with, just gave you a referral.
    • As you network, you will also get the opportunity to meet other business people that you can help. If at first, you find yourself wondering why you would want to go through all the effort to met new people just so that you can help them with their business I would encourage you to stop being so short-sighted. As you show others that you can help them using your expertise you plant a seed of value in their mind once again putting your self at the front of their mind next time a need for your services arises.

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